Selection and Deployment

Pre Labor Approval 
After receiving the authorized demand letter from the company, the document are presented for pre-labor approval. The department of Labor in Nepal analyzes the document and approve for further processing. 

The approved demand letter which is received from Labor Department of Nepal is published in National daily/ weekly newspaper for collecting document. Khagol Overseas Pvt. Ltd. also uses different tools like internet, SMS, telephone etc. in order to inform and collect documents. The documents are either collected through direct candidate or through sub agents/marketing executives. 

Candidate Screening/Interview 
We maintain up to date data bank of potential candidate with full information on their skill and education, technical know-how and experience as per the employer criterion. Khagol Overseas Pvt. Ltd. will short list the candidate for pre-interview. During pre-interview the short listed candidates are given priority on merit basis giving opportunity to all. The final interview for the short listed candidates will be conducted by the employer himself or his representative by taking an oral, written and practical test. If the employer or his representative is not available than we arrange for telephone or Skype interview. 

Departments of Khagol Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is fully computerized and networked in order to provide our clients and the candidates the best and prompt service. Our staff members are always committed and ready to help its clients providing quality manpower services. 

Visa processing 
We send all the necessary documents as per requirement for further visa processing like passport copies, photographs, medical report, experience certificate etc. to the employer. 

Final Labor approval 
All the necessary documents like original passport, visa copy (original if not issued online), medical report, orientation certificate, insurance policy are submitted in Labor Department of Nepal for final approval and immigration clearance. The Department of Labor analyzes the documents and provides final approval. 

Medical Checkup 
Only selected candidate will send for full medical examination to the medical center authorized by government of Nepal. The candidates who are physically and mentally fit are eligible to sign the employment contract and he/she should be entitled to proceed for visa. 

After receiving the job offer or employment visa, the orientation classes are compulsory organized by government registered technical institute of Nepal which provide full information about law and orders, immigration policy and religion of respective country. It helps to create awareness and make cordial relation between employer and employee. Besides this we give full information about the company, work place, job description etc. before flight. 

Travel Arrangement 
As soon as visa endorse passport or paper visa are received we give the booking to our travel agent or directly to concern airline to confirm seats to the nearest airport of origin country. After the flight is confirmed we send flight details to our employer requesting them for airport pick-up and hostel arrangement. 


Terms and Conditions 

  • The First Party shall issue the Demand letter to the Second Party mentioning the number of workers required, their categories, rate of salary, additional facilities and other conditions for the workers, along with belonging documents of Power of Attorney, Guarantee letter, Manpower Recruitment Agreement and Employment Contract as a Demand Set. This set should be attested by the Chamber of Commerce of Employing Country, Foreign Ministry and Nepal Embassy depending upon the laws of the individual Country. 
  • The First Party appoints the Second Party to recruit and expatriate desired workers from Nepal. 
  • The monthly payroll of the worker and other service conditions shall be as per the attached demand letter and contract document against each category. The First Party should clearly inform the Second Party about in hand salary, inclusive or exclusive of any deductions like TAX, or Levy and make it transparent to the employee from the beginning in order to avoid any conflicts in the future. 
  • Both Parties herein shall obtain the approval of the respective government to screen, recruit and place the workers as per the rules and regulation of respective countries. 
  • The Second Party shall be responsible for the short listing of qualified candidates according to their trade qualifications and experience in conformity with the First Party's requirements. The Second Party should notify the First Party of such short listed qualified candidates who are ready for final interview and selection 
  • The First Party has the leverage to send company's representative or legitimate the Second Party to select the final potential candidates as per the stages of recruitment without any restraints. 
  • The First Party when approves the selection via any means of communication will advise the desired mobilization date on the respective site. 
  • The Second Party shalt assist the workers relating to Nepal Immigration, labour clearance and other Government formalities, Medical tests and Visa stamping from the respective embassy including all other relevant approvals required. 
  • The Second Party shall provide Airport assistance to the departing selected workers and inform the First Party on their arrival to the Employer's country. 
  •  Within the first three months of probation period from the commencement of the job, if the employer finds the deployed worker to be unfit, ineligible to continue the employment, or refuse to the assigned duty, failed the medical tests in that time period, or considered as security threat, the employer may replace the worker. The replacement of the ineligible worker shall be done by the Second Party at the given time and will be responsible to bear the related expenses as in form of the compensation. 
  • Departure of the selected candidates will be within one month of the visa issued date. For any further delay, the visas will be canceled and the Second Party will endure all the Governmental expenses. 
  • First Party has to compensate the candidate on their own expenditure if the candidates will not get all facilities proclaimed as per the Employment contract leading the contract to collapse. 
  • The First Party will provide free residence permit, bachelor accommodation, life Insurance, and Transportation facility for the deployed workers and other facilities as per the running labor laws of particular country.
  • The First Party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death or injury of the workers and also agrees to bear the cost of transport of the dead body to Nepal as per the labor law of the respective country.